New Work
December 12, 2019

New Work for all generations

New Work for all generations

Is your company ready for positive change? Society is fundamentally changing - and so is working life. The term “New Work”, and the philosophy behind it, is more than just a model for the future: New Work is already ingrained in many companies who have achieved greater success after its implementation. The central theme of New Work is that people are at the heart of it all.
What is New Work and is your company ready for change?
Spoiler: Yes, we’re convinced that you are 😉

What is New Work?

“New Work” is a philosophy that aims to improve the working world. The Austrian-American philosopher and scientist Frithjof Bergmann came up with the basic idea for this as early as the 1980s in response to increasing automation.

The core values behind “New Work” are autonomy, freedom, and participation in the community.

According to a definition from the Zukunftsinstitut: “New Work focuses on the development of the potential of each individual person. Since work is at the service of people, we no longer work to live and we no longer live to work. In the future, it is all about the successful synergy of living and working.”

New Work therefore stands for a new working world in which we respond to social change with “new ways of working, systems, and technologies”. (Source: Kununu Engage)

Example: Working hours

The classic “9 to 5” is outdated and is being replaced by new, more effective, and fulfilling working arrangements. It is no longer important to spend 40 hours in the office because it’s been shown that productivity is not improved by rigid working hours. In fact: “Those who work shorter but more focused hours are more effective“.

The realization that a healthy work/life balance has many positive effects on work and people is not a new one. More and more companies are committed to putting people at the centre of their business. New technologies, which increase worker productivity by simplifying various aspects of work, are increasingly being adopted by companies because of their effectiveness. WisR is at the forefront of this change.

New Work and WisR

WisR is committed to the philosophy of New Work and places people at the centre of professional recruiting solutions for small and medium-sized companies and corporations with the knowledge that New Work enriches all those involved through new technology, new working methods, and new ways of thinking.

WisR offers employment solutions for currently ongoing and upcoming societal change. We see demographic change as an opportunity to implement simple solutions to solve labour shortages.

  • Those who give older employees the opportunity to work flexibly will benefit from retaining their expert knowledge while also raising employee morale.
  • As a result, those who allow older workers are at the same time helping to fight elderly poverty.
  • Work with WisR to solve the employment issues facing your company resulting from demographic change (learn more at WisRConnected)

Is your company ready for WisR?

Our New Work checklist for success

  • Flexible Jobs

WisR offers employment solutions for every type of employment relationship from freelance to full-time. During an interview, the expectations from both sides should be clearly defined.

  • No unskilled jobs, no unpaid internships, no all-in exploitative contracts.

WisR stands for knowledge transfer, experience, leadership, and social skills; not for low-level exploitative jobs that take advantage of hard-working people.

  • Simplicity

Everything in one secure place. We make it as easy as possible for Senior Talents and companies to contact each other. Practical tools such as answer templates and sorting functions simplify the process from application to employment. Applicant CVs can be downloaded quickly and easily as a PDF.

  • Experience, not hierarchy

It’s always about the person. Younger workers learn from older ones and vice versa. Every junior needs a senior!

  • Active Sourcing

WisR allows small and medium-sized companies, startups, and self-employed individuals to find the expertise they’re looking for in the WisR Senior Talent Pool. Now with over 5,000 specialists throughout the DACH region.

  • Knowledge transfer

We empower companies to keep their own expertise easily, quickly, and sustainably. Check out WisRConnected for more details.


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