WisR Learnings
May 7, 2020

WisR Learnings: "Pride is a big issue for people with lots of experience."

We’d like to share with you the insights we have gained during our work at WisR about the cooperation between different generations.

1. A single homogeneous target group of "older people" does not exist. Each generation is as heterogeneous as the other and therefore generation management in companies means one thing above all: individualisation. 

2. Pride is a big issue for people with lots of experience and potential. In addition to the financial aspect, they are also concerned with emotional appreciation, with "being seen".

3. An examination of one's own potential and further development of skills is essential - regardless of age. Without the awareness of "this is what I'm good at", "that's what I need to improve" or "that's what I want to learn", employees cannot keep up in such a fast-moving (working) world .

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