April 24, 2020

WisRConnected: Exclusive Company Talent Pool for Retired Employees

The first HR-Tech solution enabling companies to bring back their retired employees for projects, seasonal work, and part-time work. Learn more about WisR’s unique one-stop shop solution, WisRConnected.

Retirement wave

Many companies today are experiencing an ever-increasing shortage of labour and a loss of knowledge among their most experienced employees due to retirement. Questions and uncertainties plague both companies and employees.

  • What effects do demographic change have on my company?
  • How many people are retiring and when and how many would like to continue working?
  • How can I secure the knowledge of my senior talents and how can it be passed on to younger employees?
  • How can I fill the many job vacancies in my company and find qualified talent?

Enterprise solution

We created WisRConnected so that companies can keep valuable knowledge and better manage skills shortages!

WisRConnected is the first HR-Tech solution enabling companies to easily stay in touch with their former employees that is GDPR-compliant.

To learn more about WisRConnected, please watch the video (in German):

How it works:

  1. You create your own partner codes using WisRConnected and share them with your employees when they retire or shortly before.
  2. As soon as they register using the code on WisR, they are visible to your company. This creates your very own talent pool of retired and experienced employees.
  3. Now you can post jobs and projects to your pool as well as actively contact former employees via our platform.

Experience is retained!

Nobody knows your company better than your former employees!

Keep valuable knowledge in your company–especially in times skilled worker shortages–and balance bottlenecks with quickly deployable talent that you know.

Increase the loyalty of your brand

Employees and former employees are the best brand ambassadors.

Employer branding & employee recommendations are becoming more and more important in recruiting. Stay positively connected with your former employees and be an employer for all generations.

Stay connected

Practical, simple, and GDPR-compliant

Companies can exclusively post jobs and projects to their group of former employees using WisRConnected. Former employees have the opportunity to respond exclusively to these offers and allowing them to continue to contribute their valued experience in projects or part-time work.

Social Responsibilty

Now’s the time

Offer your current and future retirees the opportunity to find flexible jobs, stay active, exchange ideas with like-minded people, and face new challenges. Registration for Senior Talents is free and voluntary.

WisRConnected for your company

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