April 3, 2020

7 Tips for the perfect CV

7 Tips for the perfect CV

When someone applies for a job, they want to present themselves in the best possible way. Learn 7 simple tricks on how you can make your WisR CV the best it can be!

The WisR CV is not your typical Curriculum Vitae (CV) where your entire professional and academic career is listed.

Your WisR CV puts the focus on you as a person and how your social skills and personal strengths make you wiser!

There are many tips and tricks on how to design your CV. The internet is full of them and most of them are true. However, only the wisest know how you should emphasize your personality and how you can avoid certain faux pas.

We’ve made a list of the 7 top CV tips, to help you create the best and most attractive WisR resume possible.

This will bring you one step closer to where you want to be which is an interview for a new job!

1.) For you it’s obvious, but for others, it’s a revelation!

There are parts of you that you haven’t described yet because they are obvious to you! Therefore, many people are not aware of what makes them so great. Remember, every person is unique! There are character traits and qualities that you might not think are particularly unique or special, but it is exactly these qualities that make you who you are!

Do you like being punctual? Do you help others at every opportunity and are often asked for advice? These qualities are probably obvious to you but you should include them in your WisR CV!

2.) Hidden qualities are priceless!

There are also hidden traits that are hard for someone to find themselves. That’s why they’re called hidden traits! With this fun and simple game, everyone can find them!

It’s really easy and a lot of fun: Grab your best friend, family member, or colleague, and tell them what you especially like about them. That’s it!

They’ll be surprised and touched to hear such appreciative and beautiful things about themselves out of nowhere.

When that’s done, ask your friend to tell you what they appreciate about you. We guarantee that you will learn things about yourself you weren’t really aware of!

Write these characteristics down. There will definitely be something that you can put on your WisR CV.

3.) Avoid clichés

Stay as far away as possible from clichés! You will probably not be the only one who applies for a job. For an employer, there is nothing more boring than hearing the same words over and over again…

Certain words or phrases often convey the opposite of what you mean. You are an independent, smart, and inspired person so you want to make sure that comes across.

Be careful when you use the word “challenge”. An employer could interpret it negatively. They might think that you’re saying your previous job was difficult when all you really want to say is how driven you were to succeed. Everyone knows jobs can be challenging so focus on your accomplishments!

Do you know any other clichés? If you do, we’d like to hear from you! Write us at!

4.) Provide practical examples of your skills

Words like “flexible”, “team player”, and “responsible” are generally meaningless.

Instead, try to provide examples that underline and prove your positive qualities. You might even find some other hidden qualities that can help you in the job market.

Example: Do you already have experience in training apprentices, colleagues, or new employees? If so, that demonstrates your qualities as a team leader so put it on your WisR CV!

5.) From application to employment

The WisR CV is not your standard CV in the classical sense. WisR is about attitude and motivation - people at their best age who’d like to work with young people, share their experience, and want to make a difference when they retire.

In your WisR CV, the sections called “Highlights” and “About me “ are designed to let your motivation peek through. Here you can also indicate if you’ve worked for charities in the past and how this experience has changed you.

What did you like most about it? What drives you? When you’re asking yourself these questions, make a note of these points because you can certainly include them in your WisR CV!

6.) Sloppiness and typos are bad first impressions

Everyone knows this: typos and grammatical mistakes are always bad! This also applies to comma errors because comma errors are important if they are set correctly because they make reading easier! Right? 😉

Even if a typo has accidentally found its way into your application or CV, this is often enough of a reason for human resources managers to automatically exclude your application. On average, at least one third of applicant CVs with typos end up in the trash.

So, when you feel like you’re done filling out your WisR CV, read it all over once again for spelling mistakes, typos, and punctuation errors.

If you’ve checked it but you’re still unsure, just ask a family member or friend to help you! You’d be surprised at what a fresh set of eyes can see!

7.) How to apply for a job via WisR

Once you’ve found the ideal job via WisR, you can easily apply with a click of your mouse: Just click on the green “Apply” button in the job posting and the employer will automatically receive a message with a link to your WisR CV. You will also see the same message in your WisR inbox.

If you also want to add a personal message, you can simply click on the message (open conversation) and write a few lines to the employer. Briefly explain why you think you’re right for the job!

We wish you the best of luck on your job hunt! Thanks for reading!