March 30, 2020

Home Office: Which jobs are suitable for Senior Talents?

For many people, it was a jump into the deep end: COVID-19 forced them to switch to home office as much as possible.

The first days are now behind you. First check: You’re not used to it yet but it is getting better. According to Reppublika Digital Ratings, home office and remote communication tools are currently booming in Austria. As a result, people at home are also upgrading their tools.

We want home office

The German podcast "Das Tech Briefing" has provided extremely exciting insights about this topic. According to the German Institute for Economic Research, 40 percent of all jobs in Germany could be done from home, explained Richard Gutjahr, a journalist. This is a huge number of jobs. He then quotes an even more impressive figure:

Every second German would like to work from home. Only 12 percent currently do so.

This discrepancy is a result of suspicious employers who equate home office with doing nothing. In other words: pyjamas instead of suits, laundry instead of project work, Netflix binge-watching instead of regulated (ergo short) breaks.

It is an outdated way of thinking, which is now putting these employers properly in place. It is also forcing bosses to rethink. Nowadays, an entire generation (Z) is making home office a condition when job searching.

Opportunities for Senior Talents and Freelancers

Working from home also opens up new opportunities for baby boomers and older employees.

There are two reasons why. First, in a 2019 survey, younger and older employees were equally accepting of the benefits of working from home. A recent survey by the German Senior Citizens' League also confirmed that older people have a positive attitude towards technical progress and are generally confident in their handling of digitisation. "More and more seniors are now taking the digital world for granted," says Erhard Hackler, managing director of the German Senior Citizens' League in his latest broadcast. "Now it is becoming clear how important digital competencies are for all age groups.”

Second, since older employees and senior talents already belong to the so-called COVID-19 risk group, jobs that can be done from home are now particularly suitable for them.

While Germany and Great Britain are asking their retired doctors and nurses to return to work, older employees in Austria want to be protected. The Austrian government has now decided that those people who belong to the risk group (how exactly this group is defined will be announced in the next few days) will only be allowed to work from home. If this is not possible, a compulsory exemption is required.

What home office jobs are there during this crisis for Senior Talents? 

Those who have jobs that can be easily moved to the home office with a few tools and phone calls to the IT department are lucky. Many people are looking for a new job these days. But what jobs are there during these times? And which ones are suitable for home office?

In the United States, system operators, accountants, psychologists and academic consultants are among the top 10 most sought-after jobs at the moment. All of them are activities that can be done from home with the help of various tools.

This example clearly shows that needs are governed by demand. But there are also other jobs for senior talents that can be done from home.

These jobs are in many industries such as communications, IT, knowledge transfer, administration and office management, sales or finance. There is still a need for them in the following activities:

📋 Call Center / Customer Service


🗄Order Processing

📓(Sales) Operations / Admin / Office / Backoffice

📱Market research / Telephone interviews

Even companies and start-ups whose business models are flourishing during the crisis (communication and training tools, online trading or delivery services) can be further supported by Senior Talents. In general, the following activities are ideal for the home office:

✏️Copywriting, translation, blogging, proofreading, editing for publishers or editorial offices, also ghostwriting and everything to do with social media

🖥Software development or programming, graphic and web design, data processing

🧠Virtual teaching or tutoring


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