April 3, 2020

How to fill out the WisR CV

The WisR CV - A different kind of CV

The WisR CV is not your standard CV where it’s just a breakdown of your employment history. It’s a versatile profile containing personal information, hobbies, and areas of interest. In order to match your CV with suitable jobs and projects, your strengths, professional competencies, and social skills are used most of all. Age and other demographic data no longer play a role.

The CV form is a mixture of free text, predefined fields and checkboxes. This gives you the opportunity to tell your story the way you want and makes it easier for us to match you with suitable employers. In the future, it will also be possible to create a portfolio with pictures, work samples, videos, and audio files.

Please note the WisR CV is currently only available in German. You can watch a video walkthrough here.

How to fill out your WisR CV


Enter your information and upload your photo. Show employers the best side of yourself! You can also use one of our avatars.

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In order for us to contact you if we have a suitable job for you, you need to agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy (in German). You can also indicate whether you’d like to stay up to date via e-mail and newsletter. You can unsubscribe from these options at any time.

When you’re done, please click “Save”.

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In About Me, you can freely write about yourself.

Many companies have told us in interviews that it is particularly important for them to know what people are good at and why so they know what activities you’d like to do. For matching, it is important for them to understand what kind of work environment you prefer.

Myself in two sentences: Describe yourself in two sentences. This can be your motto.

What I’m good at and why: Tell us about your strengths and capabilities. This can be anything you have acquired in your professional career, or something you’ve taught yourself.

My 5 most important interests: These can be professional or your hobbies.

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In Experience, you can add your work experience and skills. Where have you worked and in what position? What are your top 5 professional skills?

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Tell us about some of the highlights from your life so far that have had a special impact on you. These can be professional successes, but can also be personal highlights (such as sports, family, art, travel, or adventure).

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What do you want to do? What’s your dream job?

My field of work: From now on it’s possible to specify preferred fields of work in your CV for your job search. The industries and sectors are very diverse. There are categories such as legal advice, languages, logistics, training, engineering, tourism, PR, business development, wellness, customer service - to name just a few! Multiple entries are of course also possible.

The job fields can be selected immediately and, in the case of profiles that have already been created, retrospectively.

You will find the new feature in your CV under the menu item “Desired job”. The new field is called “My field of work”.

From now on, companies will also include this information in their job advertisements - this will facilitate and improve matching!

What I want to do and why: Tell us which activities you enjoy and what your motivation is. Here you can also indicate whether you want to try something completely new or actively use your expertise and many years of experience. What’s your dream job? What would you like to do if you didn’t have to think about money?

My ideal work environment: Tell us how you would prefer to work and why. For example, would you rather work in a dynamic environment such as a young company? Would you prefer to work in a large corporation or a traditional family business? Do you like working alone in a quiet environment or do you like open spaces with lots of people? Do you like working outside, from home, or in an office?

Details of your preferred type of employment and your willingness to commute complete this section.

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STEP 6: Finished! Check how your CV looks

Under CV, you can preview your automatically generated CV. Make any changes you feel are necessary. When you’re ready, you can share your WisR CV as a link with friends or send it to companies.

You’re done! And here’s how it’s going to look:

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