June 9, 2020

When Grandma doesn’t want to be a Grandmother

What would raising children be like without them? Grandmas and grandpas often babysit, help out during holidays, and are the go-to caretakers when mum and dad are in need.

Grandchildren are a main priority for many grandparents. They provide purpose in retirement just when they might be looking for some.

But one can live their life in a completely different way in retirement by volunteering, continuing to work, staying active, going on vacation, and meeting friends. Who would want to give all that up? After all, you’ve probably already done your share of upbringing!

New role models?

As a grandmother and grandfather, do you have an obligation to your grandchildren? An article in Der Standard (in German) recently addressed this issue. There were many comments - both positive and negative - which debated both sides of the issue.

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