May 14, 2020

Join our WisR Community Forum!

The labour market is not what it was just a few months ago. That’s why it’s all the more important for senior talents to stay up to date and to exchange ideas with others - to "connect" and to form a strong, motivated community.

This is why we created our new community forum.

Who's it for? Our WisR community is for everyone who also thinks that being of an older age should not restrict and dictate our lives. We firmly believe in an age-neutral world in which all generations become wiser together.


What will you find in our community? Information on topics like:

💻Job searching and self-employment at an older age

💡Knowledge transfer between generations


📚Lifelong learning

💪🏼Mental and physical fitness

You can also find new co-workers or co-founders for your new business or connect with old colleagues.

You want to be part of our community? Follow these simple steps:

➡️ WisR Community Forum ⬅️


With this introduction you will become a super-blogger in no time. Here you will learn how the WisR Community Forum works and what the different icons mean:

  • The forum has different categories that contain individual topics. Users can either comment on the topics of others or start topics themselves. In order to avoid duplication, please look around the forum first. It’s possible that the topic you want to start is already covered.
  • If someone posts a message, you will find the following symbols at the bottom: heart, chain, flag, bookmark and a trash can. With the "reply" button you can directly reference the post and reply. By clicking on the heart, you signal that you like the post. The author will then receive a notification. You can use the chain to share this post - for example, on social media, via e-mail, or WhatsApp, etc. Since this is a public forum, content sharing is possible. You use the flag if you want to report someone else's post to the moderators. For example, if the post is insulting or thematically inappropriate. Administrators and moderators can use the trash can to remove posts.
  • Please keep in mind when posting: The community forum is public. Everyone can read the posts - even people outside the forum. If you are unsure whether your post is suitable for the forum, please read the rules and guidelines (in German).

This blog post is constantly being expanded upon. Do you have questions about the Community Forum? Feel free to send us an e-mail: