March 12, 2020

WisR on 2 Minutes 2 Million

Job platform for pensioners persuades 2 Minutes 2 Million panel

A year ago, on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the Vienna-based HR-Tech and Social Impact startup WisR was a guest on the PULS4 startup show “2 Minutes 2 Million” (2M2M) and presented its smart job platform for pensioners to investors.

The pitch by Klaudia Bachinger (CEO) and Carina Roth (CFO) also included a “home story” which showed a visit to the WisR office and included interviews with the founders. The Austrian show “2M2M” on PULS4 is similar to “Shark Tank” in the US and “Dragons Den” in the UK. The pitch can be seen on PULS4.

All 5 Investors expressed interest

“It’s very nice to see that a social issue like the job placement of pensioners not only touches people but is also convincing as a business case,” says Klaudia Bachinger.

Foto: Gerry Frank

The feedback from the five investors on the panel was very positive. The pitch was so successful that Daniel Zech from Seven Ventures took the rare opportunity to be a sixth investor on the panel and made WisR an investment offer.

“The investors of 2M2M agree that WisR is one of the few companies dealing with an ageing society and sees this rapidly growing demographic group as an opportunity for both sides of the labor market, “ adds Klaudia Bachinger.

Offers were not the best fit

Carina Roth explains that strategic considerations determine whether investment offers are accepted: “We rejected Daniel Zech’s Media-For-Equity deal because we want to expand our target group strategy to include other segments in the near future. We were also very pleased with Florian Gschwandtner (Runtastic)’s offer due to his experience in the tech sector. We remain in positive contact with Gschwandtner even after the taping of the show”.

Launch in Germany planned

Bachinger and Roth are eager to achieve the next milestones which are the successful completion of a second investment round and a planned market entry into Germany in spring 2019.

About WisR

WisR was founded in October 2017 by Klaudia Bachinger (CEO, 32 years old), Carina Roth (CFO, 30 years old) and Martin Melcher (CTO, 45 years old) with help from the Social Business Call Program of the Vienna Business Agency. Registration for jobseekers is free of charge. Companies and employers can use numerous recruiting tools such as Active Sourcing as well as place classic job postings. With its product RuheStandby, WisR offers a one-stop-shop solution for companies to create in-house talent pools of its retired employees.